School Affairs Director
Chief of Guidance and Counseling Sec.
Curriculum and Instruction sec. officer


Registration sec. officer
Extracurriculum sec. officer
  • Exam-free admission

  • A diploma of graduation in junior high school is required

  • 2 recent passport-sized photos (2 inchs)

  • The result of Basic Competence Test (BCT) (or NTD300 enrollment fee if not participated BCT)

  • Positive and negative photocopy of identitity card

  • School registration period:

    5-9pm, Mon.-Fri.

  • subjects

    Data processing, Tourism industry, Auto Mechanics, Electrical engineering, and Computer Science


Admissions for transfer students

  • Transfer certificate or a certificate of leave of absence

  • NTD300 enrollment fee

  • 2 recent passport-sized photos (2 inchs)

  • 5-9pm, Mon.-Fri.

Job descriptions of Curriculum & Instruction sec.
  • Course design and arrangement
  • Teaching class arrangement
  • Term exam preparation 
  • Review of progress in teaching
  • work sample review
  • teaching guide
Job descriptions of Registration sec.
  • Student registration 
  • accounts of student progress 
  • Student enrollment 
  • Various certificates re-application
  • Performance result application
  • Assist graduates entrance examination application
  • Accept applications for a variety of scholarships
  • Apply for tuition grants
  • Production of graduate and award certificate



Job descriptions of extracuriculum sec.
  • teachers and students co-ordination 
  • student extra-curricular activities 
  • Student assessment 
  • Student group insurance
  • Student loans
Job descriptions of guidance and counseling sec.
  • Student leave 
  • Student life and dress code counseling  
Job descriptions of hygiene education sec.
  • Campus, classroom clean and tidy work planning 
  • Student emergency acute disease, accidental injury treatment