1. An all-round new planning department with, academic and career guidance
2. First-class academy, multi-department of occupational course choices.
3. Qualified teachers and professional experiences
4. academic-oriented courses for high school academic foundation training, as
 well as further education counseling
5. Career-oriented courses - IT application, Applied foreign languages
 (Japanese and English), tourism, business services
6. Comprehensive oriented course - cross-selection of academic and vocational  
 courses, it can enrich students' basic capacities

 Dual character of comprehensive and and vocational high school . After
 entering the comprehensive high school a year later, students can choose
 general or vocational education based on
their own learning achievements,
 abilities,and interests ;
and establish their employment goals through the
 elective courses.

 Because of the dual couses in comprehensive high, Students can benefit from
 more educational choices, namely: applying to universities; recommendation to
 the universities, university joint entrance exam,recommended audition or joint
 entrance exam in
technological and vocational education; vocational
 certifications for future employment, and in-job training.

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