There are only one chief and one business assistant in the library's organization.
The Academic Affairs Director is the director here. The library is small but well-equipped.
It can also perform the promotion of activities and supports of teaching in any way very well.
  Library Director@ (serve as Director of Academic Affairs Office concurrently)  
  @@1. Manage the affairs of library and the plans of development. Conclude the rules.
@@2. Plan and draw up the activities of each session.
@@3. Plan and direct the library website

@@1. Library management. Catalogue and sort the books.
@@2. Register, save, distribute, and loan the properties of library.
@@3. Assist with the cultural and artistic activities. Construct and update the website.
@@4. Conduct the educational activity of making use of the library for freshmen each session.
@@5. Announce the activity information of cultural and artistic gallery and update the data.